Woman’s Viral Post Calls Out American Eagle For Their Ridiculous Sizing

There’s no question that trying on jeans isn’t usually the most enjoyable experience in the world. Once you get past the weird lighting in the tiny dressing rooms, you have to worry about falling over while trying to fit your legs into the thing…just me?

On top of all that, there’s usually inconsistent sizing from brand to brand. But you hope — and expect — that sizing would be consistent within the same brand. In other words, a size four in American Eagle will be a size four in American Eagle every time you go.

Yeah, not so much.

Notice anything different? She did, and she took to Facebook to express her confusion and then anger and then advice to women out there:

In this photo are two of my favorite pairs of jeans.

The pair in the back I bought when I was in 9th grade (5 years ago). They are a size 0.

The pair in the front I bought just a few months ago. They are a size 4.

I will admit, when I went into American Eagle and realized I had gone up 2 sizes, I was a little disheartened. So, when I got home I compared my new jeans to my old ones and was just sickened when I discovered my new jeans were the same in size, if not slightly smaller, then the pair I had boughten 5 years ago.

This made me wonder, how small has a size 0 actually gotten?

The media makes young girls feel the smaller the number they wear, the more beautiful they are, and this is certainly NOT true.

I post this as a reminder that size is literally just a number and does not define you. Find clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, and know your beauty is not defined by the size you wear.

Another commenter, however, brought up this interesting point:

“Riley Bodley, I don’t think that’s what it is. It’s a possibility. But you bought the pants 5 years ago, assuming they’ve been washed a bunch and worn a lot since they’re your favorite jeans, leads me to think they just stretched out a bit. My jeans from American eagle do that too after a while. I don’t think it’s that the size determining factors have gotten smaller due to the media.”

Part of her self-proclaimed rant read:

“This is a photo of two pairs of shorts both from American Eagle. The black pair is from two years ago and the maroon is from this year.

The black is a size 4.

The maroon is a size 10.

As the photo shows, they both have the same waist line and width. The only difference is the year I bought them, length, and slightly different style. How is it that what was considered at size 4 is now the same dimensions of a size 10? How small has a size 4 become?

My first impression when going into the store and trying on the size 4 (as I had in the past) was disheartening as I could not even get them past my knees. Having to go up to a size 10 made me question just how much weight I gained, but once I brought the shorts home and compared, I realized that size is literally just a number.”

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Woman’s Viral Post Calls Out American Eagle For Their Ridiculous Sizing

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