Which Foods Would You Throw At Someone You Dislike

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Just to watch it splatter all over their dumb face.

ID: 10673899

  1. Would you throw white grapes at someone who made fun of your dad?

ID: 10673909

  1. Would you throw a cream pie at a total jackass?

ID: 10673693

  1. Would you throw spaghetti at your rival?

ID: 10673702

  1. Would you throw hot dogs at a doofus?

ID: 10673710

  1. Would you throw a huge bowl of pudding at someone who had it comin’?

ID: 10673754

  1. Would you throw a head of iceberg lettuce at a despicable goon?

ID: 10673979

  1. Would you throw a big bowl of chili con carne at a total creepazoid?

ID: 10673777

  1. Would you throw a handful of clementines at someone who embarrassed you in front of all your friends and colleagues?

ID: 10673855

  1. Would you throw one of those weird black Whoppers from Burger King at some insufferable dweeb?

ID: 10674126

  1. Would you throw an entire thing of seven-layer dip at some creepy dude?

ID: 10673937

  1. Would you throw beans at someone who wronged you?

ID: 10673739

  1. Would you throw a whole prime rib of beef at someone who picked on you when you were a kid?

ID: 10673881

  1. Would you throw an entire wedding cake at someone who shamed you and your family?

ID: 10673863

  1. Would you throw a Thanksgiving banquet at some dickface who just didn’t know when to stop?

ID: 10673872

  1. Would you throw a bowl of hot fondue at someone who insulted you in an extremely crude way?

ID: 10673967

  1. Would you throw a potato at a bad politician?

ID: 10674000

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