Which Burger Joint Has The Best App? We Looked At Ten To Find Out


The burger is ubiquitous across America. Every highway stop offers up patties of meat on a bun with a multitude of toppings, from a multitude of restaurants. But, in a nation dotted with burger joints, which has the best app? In a special Five Apps, we’re tackling a double-stack of burger joint apps to see which deserves space on your phone when you want some hot beef on a bun, and ranking them from worst to best.

10. Jack In The Box

Granted, Jack fans will argue bitterly whether it’s a taco joint or a burger joint, but Jack has a perhaps admirable stance of staying analog. They don’t have an app. That said, though, they are available on DoorDash, so at least you can get it via delivery. But this is an app ranking, and since there’s no app, to the bottom Jack goes.

9. Dairy Queen

DQ had an app, “had” being the operative word. Their previous app was good, if basic, and it looks like Dairy Queen has something more ambitious in the works. But for now you’ll need to get your burgers and Blizzards in person.

8. Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s

Unsurprisingly for the chain that’s mostly known for Freudian ads about its food, their app is fairly bare bones. All you get is a store locator and a check-in tool where, the more often you check in, the more points you rack up for free food or other prizes. Unless you’re driving to the store every day, though, it’s probably not worth it. (If you are driving to the store every day, we understand. The CrissCut fries are like manna from heaven.)

7. In-N-Out

For a burger place known for packing in flavor, In-N-Out’s app is as bare bones as it gets. The company’s app is little more than a menu and a locator, although being able to check the balance of your (physical) gift card is a nice touch.

6. McDonald’s

For the biggest burger chain in the land, Mickey D’s really needs to get it together. While you get a store locator and menu, you’re not able to use mobile ordering at all locations. Admittedly, that feature would Herculean feat considering how many locations there are, but even so, it’s a bit disappointing. It’s a solid app, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately, if you’re really hankering for a Big Mac with extra special sauce, UberEats has you covered.

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Which Burger Joint Has The Best App? We Looked At Ten To Find Out

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