What Are Your Opinions On “The Bachelor” Finale

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We need to talk about Nick, Vanessa, and Raven. Spoilers ahead.


ID: 10699298

2. Who did you expect to win going into the finale?

ID: 10699361

    1. Raven

    2. Vanessa

    3. No One

ID: 10699591

4. And who were you actually rooting for?

ID: 10699556

    1. Team Vanessa

    2. Team Raven

ID: 10699579

6. Did you think Vanessa would reject Nick’s proposal?

ID: 10699559

    1. Yes, I did!

    2. Nope, no way.

ID: 10699631

8. Do you think Nick and Vanessa are really in love with each other?

ID: 10699310

    1. Via ABC

      Hell Yes

    2. Via ABC

      Hell No

ID: 10699211

10. How did you feel when Chris Harrison’s “big surprise” wasn’t about Nick and Vanessa, but introducing some of Rachel’s contestants?

ID: 10699405

    1. It was pretty cute.

    2. It was pretty awkward.

ID: 10699418


ID: 10699231

13. Will Nick ever move to Canada?

ID: 10699355

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe

    3. No Way

ID: 10699295

15. Will Vanessa move away from her family and job in Canada to live with Nick?

ID: 10699349

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe

    3. No Way

ID: 10699246

17. Do you think Nick and Vanessa are actually still together?

(As in, not just for the cameras.)

ID: 10699783

    1. Yes

    2. No

ID: 10699777

19. Will Raven find love on Bachelor in Paradise?

ID: 10699357

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe

    3. Probably Not

ID: 10699685

21. Will Rachel find love on her season of The Bachelorette?

ID: 10699442

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe

    3. Probably Not

ID: 10699460

23. Did Nick’s season of The Bachelor make you question your devotion to Bachelor Nation?

ID: 10699463

    1. Yes, if I’m being honest

    2. Never!

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