We Solved The Mystery Behind This “Long Live The Lesbians” Brick That’s All Over The Internet

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Borello told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview that she purchased the brick for a few hundred dollars with some help from a recent tax return. The engraved phrase, “long live the lesbians,” had become an inside joke between friends spurred on by some campus vandalism during her freshman year.

“That year there was a slew of things that were written on people’s whiteboards outside their dorm rooms,” Borello explained. According to Borello, some students had found vulgar comments like “muff-diver” or “dyke” on their dorm whiteboards. “They had gone around and written a lot of derogatory, really immature stuff,” Borello, who identifies a lesbian herself, recalled.

She was in the cafeteria the following Monday morning discussing the incident with her friends when the conversation began to get heated.

“At one point I kind of screamed out, ‘Long live the lesbians!’ and everything went silent as I was raising my voice,” she said. “Everyone cracked up laughing.”

The line became an instant motto of sorts inside Borello’s friend group. “It became this way for my friends to laugh,” she explained.

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