This Pop-Up Meal Was Such A Disaster That People Ordered Pizza

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Now that I am knee-deep in my 30s, friends sometimes invite me to the types of fun events that we would have all mocked back in college. Croquet without drinking? No thanks. Spending a whole bunch of money to drink cheap wine while doing our best to paint landscapes in the basement of some bar somewhere? I’m good. A mass dinner with a theme where you have to eat with strangers, many of them sporting “quirky” headbands and themed costumes? Haha, lose this number!

Some people, sadly, aren’t so lucky or haven’t yet learned their lesson, which is why today’s biggest food news is the fact that a whole bunch of couples paid $500 per pair of tickets to eat food so bad they ended up having to order pizza. How bad could it possibly be? Well, let me tell you a thing: I have never read a review that included the words “a bread roll with olive oil is not a ‘course’” before today.

Some background: The event we’re about to mock mercilessly happened at Bondi Beach in Sydney and was titled A Moveable Feast. Guests paid for dinner (created by celebrity chef Luke Mangan), drinks, and excitement, but when the night of the party came, the only thing guests got was a huge bill for the outside food they had to buy and eat instead.

Eater reports that people waited in line for hours to collect the wine that they’d paid for in advance. Others didn’t get any food at all, despite having paid for the privilege of eating and not just chilling on the beach angrily for a few hours. And the people who did get food? Well, they may have been better off if they’d just stayed home and eaten cereal instead, because apparently the food was so bad that even the stuff they serve on an airplane surpassed it in quality.

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