The Best Place To Get Pie In Every State, According To Yelp

Whether it’s a warm, flaky slice of blueberry pie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or a slice of the creamiest chocolate banana cream you’ve ever had, there’s just something so delightfully magical about pie.

So we asked Yelp for the best places to get pie in each state (plus D.C.) — which they measured by identifying businesses with a large number of reviews mentioning “pie” and “pies” and then selected the “best” business in each state based on both the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords. To appear on this list, the majority of reviews had to reference sweet pies.

Because it’s time to get to the good stuff, here are 51 spots to find the best pie, as suggested by all the pie-loving Yelpers out there.

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Fruition Restaurant, Denver, Colorado

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Photo by Gloria J. / Via Yelp

“Lemon merengue pie was another taste-bud flavor explosion: graham cracker crust and topped with slightly toasted merengue, all sitting in a perfect drizzle of blueberry compote.” —Yelper Christine J.

“[I tried] the lemon meringue pie with blueberry compote. In my book, this is a must have if they have it on the menu! It was not too sweet, the lemon was perfectly tart, creamy, and rich. The meringue was beautifully browned, [and] airy — oh so wonderful.” —Yelper Lori W.

ID: 10675783

8. Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Photo by Tracy D. / Via Yelp

“Last, but far from the least, do save room for the signature dessert: the Moon Pie. It is about a foot tall and is sinfully delicious!” —Yelper Bob V.

“As for dessert, the ice box pie actually made me kind of angry because of how good it was. As I devoured it, I wished that I had been able to come up with it first. The silky texture and slight tang of the cream against the salty pretzel crust and the lemon curd — the perfect combination. Drooling as I type. No longer able to form complete sentences due to memory of dessert.” —Yelper Maria F.

ID: 10675936

Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida

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“We sampled the mango Key lime pie, passion fruit Key lime pie, and love cake. Everything was so incredibly good. I took home a slice of coconut Key lime pie for myself and a slice of banana Key lime pie for my husband and we both agreed they were AWESOME.” —Yelper Kirby B.

“The owner is such a sweetheart. She allows you to sample any piece of pie or cake before you purchase them. I left home with three pieces: one raspberry Key lime pie, one piña colada, and a piece of chocolate cake. You wont be disappointed.” —Yelper Leticia F.

ID: 10675940

11. Bones, Atlanta, Georgia

Bones, Atlanta, Georgia

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Photo by Perry B. / Via Yelp

“The pecan pie was amazing! So good that we were sharing and had to order a second one because we wolfed down the first one.” —Yelper Sunny R.

“Mountain High Pie: Amazing! We spied others ordering this before/during our meal, and I knew I had to have it. Lots of layers including Oreos, crème de menthe, chocolate, and merengue. It’s like an icebox pie so it doesn’t quite feel like an ice cream pie/cake.” —Yelper Carolina M.

ID: 10675961

Baxters on Cedar, Sandpoint, Idaho

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Photo by Rhonda K. / Via Yelp

“The Key lime pie is THE BEST I’ve ever tasted. Not only do we order a slice every time we come here, but it’s becoming a bit of a habit to purchase an entire pie to go.” —Yelper Alyssa A.

“Even though we were stuffed, we ended the evening off with sharing the Key lime pie after our server jokingly bragged it up. (I’m a tough critic as we live in Florida and Key lime pie is my favorite dessert!) He said “money back guarantee.” It was a safe statement! It was super creamy and just tart enough with what seemed to be candied lime zest on top and an amazing graham cracker crust.” —Yelper Rhonda K.

ID: 10676020

22. Petsi Pies, Somerville, Massachusetts

Petsi Pies, Somerville, Massachusetts

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“This place is serious — they know pie. The bourbon chocolate pecan, the peach pie…everything is amazing. I’m actually glad I don’t live closer to this place because it would ruin my life.” —Yelper Maddie C.

“Mississippi. Mud. Pie. Best chocolate pie EVER. Perfect balance of smooth fudge-y brownie-style filling with a layer of ooey-gooey chocolate all over chocolate pie crust. You would think it’d be too rich. You would think it would be dry. You would think one slice would be enough. No, friend, no. Petsi’s outdoes itself with this fabulous pie.” —Yelper W. W.

ID: 10680946

Modern Love, Omaha, Nebraska

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“After heavy contemplation, my friend and I decided to go with the cherry pie with ginger ice cream. I don’t even like pie that much, and this pie was phenomenal. The vegan crust was actually tastier then the majority of pie crusts I’ve ever had, and the filling was life changing.” —Yelper Rachel S.

“If you only get one thing here, choose the blackberry bourbon pie. I am usually not a pie fan, but I may have just been eating the wrong pie. Full blackberry flavor, and [it] still has some of the integrity of freshly picked berries.” —Yelper Laura H.

ID: 10682027

37. Pie Junkie, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Pie Junkie, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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“I thought pie was a dessert served twice a year while you tried to tune out your racist uncle. This is not that pie. This pie will haunt your dreams. This pie will invade your thoughts while you are working on a spreadsheet. This is the pie you will serve at your wedding in lieu of cake. Try it. Try them all. ” —Yelper Ashley D.

“The s’mores pie is basically a graham cracker-y, chocolatey, marshmallowy heaven. If someone let me, I’d probably eat it seven days a week. As for the french silk pie? Well, chocolate, whipped cream, and more chocolate. What else are you looking for here? It’s basically happiness on a plate.” —Yelper Jeffrey T.

ID: 10682284

A la Mode Pies, Seattle, Washington

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Photo by Marcus D. / Via Yelp

“It’s hard to find a good cream pie in Seattle. A la mode has many great choices. Our favorites are the chocolate peanut butter — [it’s] the best version of this pie I have ever had. If you want to double down, go for the Mexican chocolate cream pie.” —Yelper Marcus D.

“It was very, VERY difficult to choose, but ultimately we went with a slice of seasonal holiday pumpkin pie and apple, pear, ginger pie, both with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on the side. We also ordered slices of the chocolate pecan and the bourbon butterscotch to go. The pies were divine, exactly as I hoped.” —Yelper Inness P.

ID: 10682669

Stockholm Pie & General Store, Stockholm, Wisconsin

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“The pie, the pie! So yummy! I had a butterscotch cream slice, my parents shared a decadent triple chocolate pecan slice, and my sister had a coconut cream slice. Each kind was delicious in its own way. I loved how the butterscotch cream melted on my tongue.” —Yelper Leah S.

“We ordered the banana cream and triple berry to split amongst the three of us. The banana cream was pretty good, but the warmed up triple berry was exceptional. Not overly sweet and not runny, but just the right mixture of berries and crust. Perfectly delightful.” —Yelper Jon L.

ID: 10682685

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The Best Place To Get Pie In Every State, According To Yelp

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