Steve King Doubles Down On His Muslim Babies Tweet

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“I have a crazy idea for you – how about Judging this idiot’s comments – and all other issues – based on their own merits,”

Be honest, you didn’t watch both videos, did you? What did he mean by this (the quote was edited in the article for maximum anger): “I’d like to see an America that’s just so homogenous that we look a lot the same from that perspective.” – He meant liked to see more mixed marriages and blended races and a movement beyond race. Just like the KKK, right?

Here’s what I heard:

* Western Culture is worth saving.

* Non-Western immigration above a certain level will lead to diminishment/replacement of Western Culture.

* No nation can keep its population afloat solely through immigration. The current citizens have to be able to sustain replacement-level birth rates.

* It’s not about race, it’s about culture. A baby born to Arab-Muslim parents but adopted/raised by U.S. citizens would exhibit just as many American traits/patriotism as a white kid. A baby born to Arab-Muslim parents who are not encouraged to assimilate will not. (Aside: A Pew survey of Muslims in the U.S. (who would be more moderate) shows that 13% say they support suicide bombings. Nearly 1 in 4 younger U.S. Muslims support suicide bombings.)

That’s what I heard and it’s entirely reasonable.

Is BLM racist? Nah, it’s just another political group. (One funded with $100 million from the MacArthur Foundation, of course.) One founded on a lie – the “racist police shooting in Ferguson” that, the facts tell us, was actually a failed cop killing. Are there racist’s involved with BLM, of course. But basically it’s just another well-funded left-wing political group.

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