People Are REALLY Ticked Off at Lucy Hale For Her Father’s Day Instagram Post

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Father’s Day has come and gone, and many people took to social media to express their love and appreciation for their dads on that special day.

I don’t think I have to go into great detail to tell you that there are several problematic things with that statement, but let me give it a shot anyway.

First of all, if she’s fat, I’m the Pope. I don’t know how long ago that picture was taken, but she looks healthy and happy and last time I checked, that was kind of the goal.

Second, the “ugh” is just…ugh. She has a right to not like how she looks — hell, we all do from time to time — but “ugh” kind of sends the message that being overweight is much less desirable than the alternative.

She has to know that as a public figure, people look up to her — especially young girls, whether she likes it or not.

“Where exactly were you fat? How could you even say that when you were never fat.. this is so sick. You don’t know how it is to be called fatass everyday or ugly so what the hell,” another person wrote.

“I actually loved how you looked then. Please don’t say you were “fat” when to most you were/are perfect. If this is your idea of fat, then most of us are obese. Little girls look up to you and idolize you…please don’t change that,” wrote another.

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