Penny Project Ideas That Will Put Spare Change To Good Use

Pennies: a completely legitimate and legal form of currency. Add up 100 of them and you get a whole dollar. Add up 250 or so of them and you could buy yourself a soda.

But pennies are not so convenient to carry around or count out when there is a whole big line of people waiting for their turn behind you. This means that all of that change you get back from cashiers ends up in the tip jar, in a big jar you keep at home, or somewhere in the bottom of your bag.

Some clever DIY-ers, though, have come up with really creative penny projects that can seriously put this currency to good use. These 10 penny project ideas are great for inspiration — just tweak them to fit your own personality and style, and dig into that penny jar collecting dust on your bookshelf!

Which one of these projects is your favorite? Have you ever made a cool creation from pennies before? Let us know in the comments, and please SHARE with your family and friends on Facebook!

Thumbnail Source: Flickr / prebano66

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1. Penny Patio Table

penny project table

Instead of throwing away an old patio table you don’t use anymore, adhere some pennies to the top, toss on some grout, and you’re good to go with a great addition to your outdoor area.

2. Penny Fireplace

penny project fireplace

While this doesn’t look like it’s a functioning fireplace with a chimney, the copper glow from the pennies (paired with a few candles) will definitely bring a warm feeling to this room!

3. Penny Sign

penny project sign

This sign made from pennies will give any room that warm rustic feeling that you’ve been craving. Attach some pennies to wooden letters in the pattern you desire and let the compliments pour in.

4. Penny Floor

penny project floor

Wow — the amount of work that went into creating this penny floor must have been immense, but it totally paid off!

5. Penny Hexagon Table

penny project table design

This cool penny design will look great under a custom glass top to keep them all in place (an awesome alternative to messy resin). And it’s a perfect conversation piece for the living room!

6. Penny Dragon

penny project dragon

It took a true artist to put this giant copper dragon together. I wonder how much this big reptile is worth?

7. Penny Key Chain

penny project keychain

8. Penny Wall Art

penny project art

Sort through your pennies and arrange them in order from shiniest to most oxidized for a really cool piece of art to hang up on your wall.

9. Penny Wind Chime

penny project wind chime

Make sure you’re wearing safety glasses for this one! Use a sledgehammer to press some pennies into flat disks, and then attach them to some fishing line across a windy branch. Now you’ve got yourself a beautiful wind chime.

10. Penny Coaster

penny project coaster

Use extra-strong glue to attach pennies to each other in a spiral for some unique coasters to protect your tables!

11. Penny Chess Set

penny project chess set

If you’re into the industrial feeling, this homemade penny chess board (complete with nut and bolt chess pieces) is perfect for you!

Would you ever make any of these crafts? Please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook!

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Penny Project Ideas That Will Put Spare Change To Good Use

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