Mom Finds ‘Child-Friendly Kama Sutra Guide’ In Doctor’s Waiting Room, Things Get Awkward

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When you take a young child to the doctor’s office, you have enough things to worry about already. Not only is your kid sick, but you know that means your other kids will probably be sick soon, too — and if history is any guide, they’ll stay sick for about six months because they’ll firmly refuse to take any medicine that doesn’t taste exactly like magical bubble gum unicorn tears.

On top of that, in the back of your mind you’re pretty sure your kid is going to catch some new disease from touching everything in the pediatrician’s waiting room…because parents all know that every surface in a pediatrician’s waiting room is thoroughly sneeze-coated in plague germs.

The one thing you generally aren’t worried about during these visits is the reading material in the waiting room (aside from the fact that it’s probably covered in plague germs, too), which is part of why a recent trip to the doctor’s office was so shocking for London mom of three, Katherine Peck.

But that’s only the beginning of the story.

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