Man Creates Adorable Steampunk Trailer From Scratch

Imagine what a spaceship might look like if it had been built during the Victorian period — it probably wouldn’t have been made with the sleek and shiny materials used in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The combination of past and future has fascinated many people, so much so that it’s become a stylistic movement known as “steampunk.”

So while actual Victorians living in the 19th century liked to imagine the future, artists, designers, and crafters today like to reimagine our present, creating an alternate universe that combines the beautifully ornate style of the 1800s with the technology of today.

One crafter is Dave Moult. Hailing from Malmesbury in Wiltshire, England, Dave creates trailers from scratch and styles them into one-of-a-kind ways to add some personal flair.

His latest teardrop trailer took some cues from the steampunk style: it look like it’s flown in from another world! Luckily, it’s fully functional, so it can actually come along on adventures.

The most impressive part is that Dave built the whole thing by hand and from scratch. He also decorated it himself to create a cozy little pod that looks like a classic, wood-paneled library suddenly found itself in a space shuttle.

If that sounds weird, then you need to scroll down below to see why steampunk and its aesthetic have become so popular in recent years.

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Dave Moult builds trailers from scratch at his home in England.

He gathers his materials from garage sales and online, repurposing a lot of old objects into something new and saving some money.

He’ll spend hundreds of hours creating a trailer. Over the years, he’s created six in total. It’s not a money-making hobby, though — h’s only ever sold one. He just loves making them.

He starts with a wooden frame and then attaches the covering. The whole thing is mounted on a wheeled trailer that can be pulled behind a vehicle.

He used some aluminum siding left over from another project to achieve the futuristic aspect of his steampunk-inspired design.

The aluminum was complemented by some copper paneling, repurposed from hot-water cylinders. Reclaimed wood was used for paneling on the sides, and that oval window? That’s an old silver tray with the bottom cut out! Talk about a clever way to reuse something.

That took care of the “antique” part of the steampunk design.

The trailer also has two doors, one on each side, with round, porthole-style windows cut into them.

Like the oval window in the front, these are also framed with old trays that have had their bottom surfaces removed. Additionally, the doors are trimmed with copper sheets.

More windows of the same style were added along the raised piece on top of the trailer. This would let extra light into the space while giving it the look of an old submarine that’s been through some incredible adventures.

Then it was time to work on the interior. Trims, papers, and other decorative elements came from upholstery company Retro Retrims.

The inside of teardrop trailers like this are mainly for sleeping, so the platform was left spacious.

But Dave still managed to fill it with all kinds of repurposed goodies for a completely personalized look. This spidery lamp combines metal, wood, and glass in a unique way.

Personal touches like curtains, bedding, and accessories make it feel like a home, and add a touch of Old World classiness.

Wallpaper patterned to look like bookshelves adds a fun illusion, too, as though you’re in an old-fashioned study.

Cabinets decorated with compass roses also provide storage space.

In the back, Dave hooked up a two-burner stove so he can make coffee and meals while he’s out on the road.

The cabinets on the bottom have repurposed doors. When not in use, the whole thing gets tucked away inside the hatch doors. Also, one of them pulls out to create an extra cooking surface.

Naturally, the “kitchen” is done in style, complete with a beautiful silver coffee pot.

Dave even installed a sink on the side of the trailer — and check out those adorable little taillights!

It was finally time to take the steampunk trailer on the road!

The bedding inside made it cozy, while the porthole windows and double doors allowed for a sense of space in an otherwise small area.

Hooked up, the kitchen is in full swing. Dave even added a tent for some extra room. He made that as well, of course, using old chimney-sweep poles and fabric from an old pop-up gazebo.

It was a huge hit. Even the Stormtroopers liked it.

There’s certainly nothing else quite like Dave’s creation, and we hope he gets to enjoy it for a long time. You can see many more photos of the building process and the finished product on Dave’s Facebook.

Would you take a vacation in a steampunk trailer? Let us know, and SHARE this beautiful, handmade piece of functional art with anyone who loves to travel in style!

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Man Creates Adorable Steampunk Trailer From Scratch

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