Kool-Aid Powder Clean Stubborn Toilet Rings In A Snap

Cleaning the toilet is one of the ickiest chores around. Still, nobody is likely to neglect this particular task. After all, not cleaning the toilet is way ickier!

That’s why we’re huge fans of any DIY method that makes it a little bit easier — like this awesome trick that uses plain old Coca-Cola to get the job done. If it helps clear the scum out of the toilet bowl, we are more than ready to try it!

The latest tip making waves on the internet also owes its success to a popular beverage.

The blogger behind Anyone Can Decorate has put together an awesome post revealing the easy way to clean a toilet with just a 25 cent packet of powdered Kool-Aid.

Instead of cleaning the toilet with bottles of bleach, you can save the expensive and harsh scrubbing products for the really tough jobs. For minor touch-ups, Kool-Aid is all you need.

Scroll through to see how it’s done!

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Eventually, every toilet gets a little grimy. Even a toilet you don’t use often can pick up a gross-looking ring.

The blogger behind Anyone Can Decorate notes that her upstairs toilet, pictured above, gets a stubborn hard-water ring because it’s not used that often.

Everyday use and hard-water buildup can leave persistent stains that take a lot of elbow grease to remove.

The blogger explains that after discovering her hard-water ring, she tried to get rid of it with ordinary toilet and bathroom cleaners. Those helped, but the last traces of the ring still wouldn’t budge.

She didn’t want to spend money on even more products packed with harsh chemicals for one measly toilet-bowl ring.

Instead, she decided to turn to a simple product she had used before to clean soap scum out of her dishwasher: Kool-Aid.

A single packet of Kool-Aid costs just 25 cents, and it works fast to clean all the grime from the toilet.

The magic flavor seems to be unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid. According to the blogger, it’s the citric acid in the powder that makes it so effective.

The acid that gives the powder its sour flavor also helps break down grime and mineral deposits.

To use the Kool-Aid for clean-up, just cut the top of the packet, then shake the powder around the inner rim of the toilet bowl.

You should leave a yellowish ring of powder all around the inside of the bowl.

It looks a little yucky in the pictures, but it’s really just Kool-Aid!

Once you have the powder in the toilet, you can start scrubbing. Just scrub all the way around the bowl with a toilet brush, the same way you would with any toilet cleaner.

Pay particular attention to the areas of buildup and try to scrub the powder directly over those messy spots.

Once you’ve scrubbed, just flush it all away!

You may need to flush twice to get rid of the last bits of Kool-Aid powder. You can also repeat the process if needed to get the last stubborn stains.

Use the same trick in the detergent section of your dishwasher to get rid of mineral buildup.

Have you ever heard of this nifty trick? Don’t forget to SHARE this bright budget-friendly idea with friends!

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Kool-Aid Powder Clean Stubborn Toilet Rings In A Snap

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