How Popular Are Your “How I Met Your Mother” Opinions


I said a Bang, Bang Bangity Bang A Bang, Bang Bangity Bang I said a Bang, Bang Bangity Bang.

  1. Which character was the most legendary?

    1. Ted

    2. Marshall

    3. Robin

    1. Lily

    2. Via CBS


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  1. Best Robin Sparkles video?

    1. “Let’s Go to the Mall”

    2. “Sandcastles in the Sand”

    3. “Space Teens”

    1. Via CBS

      “P.S. I Love You”

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  1. Who has the most annoying habit?

    It’s encyclo-PAY-dia

    1. Lily and her loud chewing

    2. Ted’s constant correcting

    3. Robin literally using “literally” incorrectly

    1. Marshall singing everything

    2. Via CBS

      Barney speaking in a falsetto voice, overusing catchphrases, and spacing out when his friends talk to him.

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  1. Who’s your favorite guest star?

    1. Katy Perry

    2. Britney Spears

    3. Lucy Hale

    1. Jennifer Lopez

    2. Rachel Bilson

    3. Bob Barker

    1. Carrie Underwood

    2. Alan Thicke

    3. Nicole Scherzinger

    1. Enrique Iglesias

    2. Kim Kardashian

    3. Mandy Moore

    1. Ralph Macchio

    2. James Van Der Beek

    3. Via CBS

      Bryan Cranston

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  1. Whose career would you rather have?

    1. Architect

    2. News reporter

    3. Lawyer

    1. Kindergarten teacher

    2. Via CBS


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  1. Which couple is the best?

    1. Marshall and Lily

    2. Ted and the mother

    3. Robin and Barney

    1. Robin and Don

    2. Ted and Victoria

    3. Barney and Quinn

    1. Marshall and Emsbry

    2. Ted and Robin

    3. Via CBS

      Cindy and Casey

ID: 10689346

  1. Most necessary intervention?

    1. British accent

    2. Huge hat

    3. Too much fake tan

    1. Magic tricks (mostly those involving fire)

    2. Via CBS

      Ted’s relationship with Stella

ID: 10689394

  1. What was Barney’s best play?

    1. The Scuba Diver

    2. My Penis Grants Wishes

    3. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    1. The Old Man Time Traveller

    2. Ted Mosby: Architect

    3. The Robin

    1. The SNASA

    2. The “He’s not coming”

    3. Mrs Stinsfire

ID: 10689501

  1. Which Halloween costume was the best?

    1. Lewis & Clark and their canoe

The Breakfast Club

  • Destiny’s Child

    1. Sonny and Cher

    2. Hanging Chad

    3. White Whale

    1. Salt and Pepper and Cumin

    2. Jack Sparrow and his parrot

    3. Via CBS

      Lady, the Tramp, and their bowl of spaghetti

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    How Popular Are Your “How I Met Your Mother” Opinions

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