Here’s The Best Bakery In Every State, According To Yelp

Is there anything better in life than a good dessert? I think not. Seriously — pastries and sweets are amazing, and we all need them in our lives.

But where do you find the best ones? We asked Yelp for the most popular bakeries in every state — which they measured using an algorithm that looked at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every bakery on Yelp.

So here are the 51 best spots in the US to get your share of sugar and pastries — straight from Yelp users who love pies, éclairs, and doughnuts just as much as you do.

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BluNozer Cafe, Denver, Colorado

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“I’d say try the quiche, or try the cake, or try the breakfast burrito, but instead, just TRY EVERYTHING! I’m only about a third of the way through the regular items, but haven’t had a miss yet.” —Yelper Peter M.

“Incredible. Never have I ever been to such a thoughtful, mindful, and intentional place. I was introduced to the whole family, and could both feel and taste the love that they put into this business.” —Yelper Beau A.

ID: 10629383

Lawrence Deans, Wilmette, Illinois

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Photo by Angela S. via Yelp

“They have a nice display of cupcakes, cookies, and even muffins! At the recommendation of the staff, I decided on a salted caramel cupcake. It is everything one looks for in a cupcake. Sweet, a little salty, incredibly moist, and GIGANTIC. More gigantic than most cupcakes I’ve had which makes me so happy.” —Yelper Alison Y.

ID: 10629751

The Cafe, Ames, Iowa

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Photo by The Cafe via Yelp

“The pastries are amazing! I had a berry sort of ‘twist’ which had a rich berry flavor with a light pastry dough, sprinkled with the perfect splash of sugar crystals.” —Yelper Cheryl N.

“The Cafe serves the best bread pudding, tarts, and cakes, especially carrot cake, in town. My favorite is the blackberry sour cream bread pudding.” —Yelper
Jennifer A.

ID: 10629912

Nathaniel Reid Bakery, Saint Louis, Missouri

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“Wow, world-class creations by Nathaniel Reid! The baked goodies are top notch, similar to what you’ll find NYC or LA.” —Yelper Paolo O.

“The almond croissant is the best thing I have had in my entire life. I’m not joking, guys. The baked goods are obviously the star of the show, but don’t pass up the sandwiches. Prosciutto, roast beef, Italian—all amazing.” —Yelper Nick S.

ID: 10638132

40. Pastiche, Providence, Rhode Island

Pastiche, Providence, Rhode Island

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“Charming, quiet, dessert bliss — and a fireplace. We sat down next to the fireplace and were greeted promptly. We ate the fruit tart. It was great. The crust was a perfect texture and the filling was divine, sweet yet light. The fruit was perfectly ripe and amazingly fresh.” —Yelper Danny V.

“Everything that Pastiche makes is delicious, but one dessert keeps me coming back: the chocolate mousse cake. It is simply divine.” —Yelper Emmy M.

ID: 10647143

45. RubySnap, Salt Lake City, Utah

RubySnap, Salt Lake City, Utah

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“I am so happy I found this place. Seriously, the cookies here are amazing. There are so many kinds to choose from, it’s hard to decide. Luckily, you can try samples! And not just a little crumble of the cookie, a 1/4 piece of the full cookie. Our favorite was by far the Penelope, a peanut butter cookie dipped in chocolate. Such good complementary flavors. Surprisingly, our second favorite was the Mia, a sugar cookie with buttercream icing.” —Yelper Elizabeth E.

ID: 10647300

Layered Cake Patisserie, Leesburg, Virginia

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“The almond croissant is my absolute favorite, but the cookies, macaroons, donuts and other sweets are outstanding as well! One of the Saturday specials was a chocolate orange croissant donut. Sweet gracious, it was amazing!” —Yelper Lauren M.

“AMAZING — everything in the store is awesome! For me it’s a toss-up between the Coconut Macaroon or the Vanilla Bean Macaron, so I usually get both along with a great cup of fresh, locally sourced coffee.” —Yelper Bernie S.

ID: 10647496

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Here’s The Best Bakery In Every State, According To Yelp

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