FBI Probes Trump Organization’s Ties To Russian Bank

Hey, @Armed Chris Peterson – stop using that 1 online polling result over and over, showing how bankrupt you are. Do you not know how much bullshit your party believes?? Here’s the tip of the turd iceberg: 70% of you guys believed that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, more than 50% of Trump supporters believe that he WON the popular vote (or as Trump would spell “ONE”!), 60 % of Trumpers think that the country was NOT better off in 2016 vs. 2009 (unemployment down to 4.6%, less than half it was after the crash, DOW tripled, criminal reform, most insured ever, you know – “worse”), 74% of Trumpers think that Obamacare led to less people being insured, 52 % think Obama was really born in Kenya, almost 9 out of 10(!), like you, deny that Russians hacked emails to interfere with our election and to benefit Trump, 62% believe that MILLIONS of illegal votes were somehow cast, and, finally, 46% of the Brain Trust believes in the Hillary Clinton-pedofilia-PIZZA-GATE thing that almost got people killed!

Anyway, don’t bring up 1 cherry-picked poll several times, especially if you’re a republican. On another topic, did you say to @ak3647 “I told you what the intelligence community believes” as in that’s a good thing now??? If so, how do you not understand that Russia hacked the DNC, spread fake news and leaked emails to help only Trump??? Right after they Trump softened his stance on the Ukraine / Russia (the ONLY part of the platform his team changed), the leaks came out, as well as right after the Access Hollywood tape.

Now we know that Roger Stone, Trump’s good friend, ADMITTED that he had DIRECT contacts with Guccifer 2.0 i.e. the hacker for Russia who fed stuff to Wikileaks. Stone also knew that Pedestal was hacked before Wikileaks announces it.

Every day insane amounts of smoke just piles and piles up, and Chris – you didn’t answer me or maybe I didn’t see it: DO – YOU – STILL – THINK – THAT – “there’s more evidence Obama wiretapped Trump than there is that Russia meddled with the election in order to help Trump”? Please, tomorrow will be 1 week after the Tweet-accusations, yet Donald has kept his fat face shut for a change because he knows that he’s full of SHIT, and it was simply one of his typical teenage whiny-girl tantrums. He also STILL hasn’t asked anyone in the intel community either, he can find out whatever he wants but would rather read obscure crazy redneck news. Wait wait, I figured it out: YOUR source is one of those crazy alt-right newspapers / channels, isn’t it?? That’s the only explanation..

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FBI Probes Trump Organization’s Ties To Russian Bank

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