Do You Have What It Takes To Be A CIA Hacker

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The US spy agency uses some ridiculous names for its pretty scary programs — can you pick the real ones from the bunch?

1. Wikileaks’ latest document dump provided details about some scary-sounding projects being run out of the CIA.

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

The leaked documents, courtesy of the group that distributed emails stolen by Russian hackers during last year’s election, are filled with projects aimed at figuring out how to hack things like your phone and smart TV. (Though they don’t say that the CIA has figured out how to break into your encrypted apps.) But in there with the detailed charts about the ways the CIA is trying to collect digital information, there are also things like a giant list of emojis and the revelation that some of the projects have totally ridiculous names.

ID: 10672314

2. So, can you pick out which of these is the ~real~ CIA program name and which are the imposters?

ID: 10672756

  1. If you were a CIA spy, which delicious Italian food would you choose to name a hacking tool?

    1. Ravioli

    2. Cannoli

    3. Lasagna

    4. Tiramisu

  2. Which McDonald’s food is a worthy name?



    3. MCRIB

    4. BIG MAC

  3. CIA hackers love food names. How about a carnival food?

    1. Cotton Candy

    2. Jelly Beans

    3. Popcorn

    4. Lollipop

  4. And they’re big movie buffs, too. Which movie name sets the right tone?

    1. Pulp Fiction

    2. Tokyo Drift

    3. Matrix

    4. Fight Club

  5. It’s no surprise that hackers are into memes. Which of these is right?

    1. Doge

    2. Conspiracy Keanu

    3. Philosoraptor

    4. I Can Has Cheezburger

  6. Occasionally the CIA likes to get whimsical. Which of these would you choose?

    1. Curious Cat

    2. Dangerous Dragon

    3. Magical Mutt

    4. Friendly Frog

  7. Which fantasy-inspired name is best suited to a super secret spy program?

    *This image may be misleading as there probably weren’t many women working on these projects.

    1. DemonLords

    2. FireDragons

    3. MegaTitans

    4. MagicVikings

ID: 10667192

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Otillia Steadman is a world assistant for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.



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