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    The Unfortunate Consequences Of ‘Correcting History’

    John Rigney Recently, the City of New Orleans took down several statues of Confederate leaders, which critics have long condemned as monuments to white supremacy.  Such comes about two years after a mass shooting in South Carolina, in which a self-described racist – whose best friend, somehow, was black – murdered nine African-American worshippers. The […]

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    12 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Anxiety Disorders

    Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz An estimated 40 million American adults suffer from some form of anxiety disorder—even more than those who suffer from depression. About one in every five adults and one in every ten children experiences some form of anxiety disorder. (source) Every creature in the animal kingdom is hardwired with a “fight or […]

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    How To Love A Girl Who’s Comfortable On Her Own

    Paul Van Bloem To the independent girl, love is never about necessity but about desire. A relationship is not something she must have to feel complete, but a connection she wants. She wants to be whole alongside someone, to grow with that person, to let them in and share her life fully with them. She […]

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    I Hope You Find Someone Who Makes You Feel Beautiful

    God and Man And when you finally find someone to love, I hope you find someone who you are completely comfortable being naked around. I hope you find someone who never makes you feel small or embarrassed or unhappy in any way about the way you look and feel. When you look in the mirror […]

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    Nobody Loves Their Pets More Than These People Love Their Pets

    Do you love your pet? No, I mean, do you really love your pet? Because these people below will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that their furry friends are not only part of the family, but a very spoiled part of the family. But considering what pets put up with, […]

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    This Is Why It’s Hard For You To Find Love

    Twenty20/@valeohoh It’s hard for you to find love because you’re honest. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you don’t know how to hide your feelings, play hard to get or play games, which makes people think you’re either too needy or something must be terribly wrong with you. It’s hard for you to […]